Why Wilks?

Why should you choose Wilks & Associates.

Wilks Listens

Our solutions are designed to meet your needs in the present, with reasonable room to grow. Most of our competitors have a short list of solutions for common issues. Problem A = Solution A. Often in the real world an issue is not quite that simple.  A solution that works for a company with five hundred employees is not designed to work effectively efficiently nor affordably for a company of fifteen. That’s why we offer Customer Driven Solutions.

We’re Problem Solvers

At Wilks, we’re a team of critical thinkers. When presented with a goal and a set of requirements, we go to work figuring out how to make it work. We have engineers, developers, systems experts, technicians, and a host of other specialists on-staff and at the ready to tackle any issue that’s placed at our feet. In other words, “The Buck Stops Here”.

We’ve Been Around

Our company has been providing solutions to the defense industry for over a decade. Some of our project managers have been cracking tough technical problems since the sixties. We have a substantial amount of good old fashioned know-how paired with new technical expertise spanning the entire spectrum of tech. When these strengths are married together the result is an unbeatable product no matter what that product happens to be.